Genuine Stone Jewelry

All Pixie Gem Shop jewelry is hypoallergenic, tarnish resistant and made with 100% real stones! (unless otherwise noted on specific items) All pieces are one of a kind and will most likely not be created again - so if you see something you like, grab it before it's gone!

Gemstone Bracelets for Everyday Wear

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Sterling Silver Gemstone Earrings

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Make any outfit more interesting with gemstone jewelry

What better way to add a pop of color to every day than with jewelry made with natural stones? Nothing beats the beauty and color of a genuine crystal.

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Shark Tooth & Fossil Jewelry

Handmade, wire wrapped one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces made with locally found shark teeth. Paired with natural gemstones and made with 925 sterling silver, so you never have to take your jewelry off.

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Shark Tooth & Fossil Jewelry

Fossils are just as intriguing to me as gemstones, so I love incorporating them into my jewelry! All shark teeth have been found on the South Carolina coast, which makes these pieces extra special to me.

Moldavite Jewelry

Moldavite is a rare tektite, formed when a meteorite struck the earth and the heat of the impact metamorphosed surrounding rocks. Moldavite fuses extraterrestrial energies with Mother Earth and takes you beyond your limits & boundaries. It is a stone of rapid transformation, putting you on the fastest route to your life’s purpose. 

New gemstones!

Crystal Specimens

Crystal Specimens

Hand selected curated collection of unique crystals 

  • Wire Wrapped Pendant Review

    "Excellent quality! Beautiful, even better than the pics!"

  • Wire Wrapped Hoop Earrings Review

    "These were absolutely stunning and such amazing quality. Not only that but they got here so fast! I will definitely be a returning customer! Thank you so much for all your work <3"

  • Tarot Card Necklace Review

    "Amazing quality and even more beautiful in person!"

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Custom necklaces! ✨



A collection of unique & colorful gemstone necklaces with a variety of styles...