About Us


My name is Marisa, and I'm the owner of Pixie Gem Shop! I have been making jewelry for almost my whole life, ever since I was 9 months old (believe it or not) and my grandmother taught me how to put beads on a string. I usually only ever made things for myself, aside from selling a few pieces to some friends when I was in high school. I opened my business in January 2021 on Depop as SunnyShroomShop. I rebranded to Pixie Gem Shop in October of that year and after selling on multiple platforms, I finally decided to make my own website. I also began to sell my jewelry in person at local markets in November of 2021. Over a year later, I have vended at many events, and now have at least one or two markets on my schedule every weekend! If you're interested in shopping my jewelry in person, check my Shop in Person page for my updated market schedule.

You may be wondering how I developed my design style and why I choose the materials I do. Alongside my beading hobby, I always had an affinity for rocks & stones. On a trip early in my childhood, my family went to one of those "mine your own crystals" tourist attractions in North Carolina (you know, the ones where they dump pre-mixed buckets of sand & crystals into running water for you to sift) and I'm pretty sure that's what ignited by love for crystals in particular. Every family hiking trip we went on, I always had to pick up a few "pretty" rocks to bring home to put in my Rock Collection. The fact that the Earth creates such beautiful and intriguing minerals just absolutely blows my mind. Not to mention, think of all the crazy things these crystals have been through on Earth after forming millions of years ago, and they are still here, intact, for us to carve, wire wrap, turn into jewelry and decor. And all of our stones will outlive us, and our future generations will get to appreciate them as well. Take a scroll through my Crystal Guide page to learn a little bit about the stones I incorporate into my jewelry and see if any stand out to you.

As a creative person, it's really important to me that I enjoy my work and have fun with it, which is why the majority of the jewelry pieces I make are one of a kind. Sometimes I will make a couple duplicates of a small piece or recreate a necklace for a custom, but that is rare. It's more fun for me to make new things and challenge myself to come up with new designs, rather than make the same things all the time. I want every customer to have something unique, rather than something hundreds of people have bought from a large company or store. Thank you to all my customers and supporters, I couldn't have brought my business this far without you.


A recent photo at one of my favorite local markets, the Rainbow Market at Closet Case in Charleston, SC!

I'm not entirely positive how long ago this photo was taken, but clearly the way I spend my free time hasn't changed much since then!