What is your order processing time? Most orders will be processed within 2-5 days, and if shipped with USPS should arrive within a week or less from the date it is shipped.

Can I wear my jewelry in water? As long as the product description states that all components of your jewelry piece are made of sterling silver, stainless steel or non-tarnish metal, Pixie Gem Shop jewelry can in fact be worn 24/7, even in the shower and while swimming! However, it is recommended to limit exposure to harsh chemicals, such as chlorine, salt water, perfumes, makeup, and cleaning supplies.

Is your jewelry hypoallergenic? Yes! It is important to me to use hypoallergenic materials in my jewelry so everyone can enjoy it!

What should I do if my jewelry is damaged? Regardless of how long you have had your jewelry, if it breaks or is damaged in any way, please reach out to me! You can contact me through any of my social media platforms linked on my website, or you can email me at pixiegemshop@gmail.com. If you would like to ship your jewelry back to me, I am happy to repair it for free and send it right back to you!

Where is your business located? I am located in Charleston, South Carolina.

Are all of the gemstones used in your jewelry genuine? Yes! It is very important to me that all of the stones used in my jewelry are real. Occasionally I will use color enhanced or dyed stones, but that will be noted in the description of the item.

Why do your prices vary so much? Each item is priced specifically based off the prices of materials used and the time it took to plan & assemble. Other expenses factored into the cost of an item include packaging, website fees, and other business supplies.