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Cancer Zodiac Necklace

Cancer Zodiac Necklace

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The birthstone for Cancer is the Pearl. This stone can enhance creativity and imagination and push Cancer signs to trust their instincts more. At the same time, it may help temper Cancer's tendency toward wishful thinking and will put them on a path to action. 

Labradorite healing properties promote self-worth and heal self-doubt. Granting strength and motivation, this healing stone helps Cancer signs accept new ideas and pursue creativity. 

The moon is the ruling planet of Cancer, and Peach Moonstone, being closely associated with the moon, is deemed to be the planetary stone for Cancer. This gemstone for Cancer is believed to stimulate clairvoyance, as well as decrease anxiety.

Made with stainless steel toggle clasp

Measures 16in

Care information

Avoid harsh chemicals, such as bleach, chlorine, and cleaning supplies

Remove jewelry when sleeping or exercising

If cleaning is needed, use mild soap & warm water

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