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Leo Zodiac Necklace

Leo Zodiac Necklace

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Tiger's Eye is the ultimate Leo birthstone due to its maximization of Leo's innate talents. Tiger's eye is the ultimate stone for confidence, willpower, and self-drive. 

Carnelian enhances confidence, boldness, self-expression and promotes courage so that Leos can face their concerns head on. 

Citrine is a stone of success. It radiates warm and loving energy, pulling an anxious Leo out of a dark place and filling them with joy.

Peridot helps Leos gain wisdom and understanding, making them more attuned to others and giving them a greater sense of humility.

Made with stainless steel toggle clasp

Measures 16.5in

Care information

Avoid harsh chemicals, such as bleach, chlorine, and cleaning supplies

Remove jewelry when sleeping or exercising

If cleaning is needed, use mild soap & warm water

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