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Virgo Zodiac Necklace

Virgo Zodiac Necklace

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As Virgos are often perfectionists, the energetic vibrations of Peridot help them achieve their high standards. People born under the sign of Virgo deeply value money and wealth, and Peridot is known as a stone of luck & fortune. 

Carnelian is believed to ground and support the diligent and virtuous character of Virgos during times of change and stress. Carnelian gently brings passion and courage to those who use it, perfect for nurturing quiet Virgo. 

Amazonite boosts self-esteem, raises emotional confidence, and helps you release fears and anxieties, especially around love and relationships. The stone supports systematic Virgo with their own resistance allowing them to be more open-minded, go with the flow and express themselves truthfully.

Made with stainless steel toggle clasp

Measures 16 in 

Care information

Avoid harsh chemicals, such as bleach, chlorine, and cleaning supplies

Remove jewelry when sleeping or exercising

If cleaning is needed, use mild soap & warm water

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